Mom Blog SEO, a mom who has been online since the 1980s, has spoken at several blog conferences about SEO and has been mastering SEO for eight years, will help moms who blog boost their traffic, readership, influence and income. All of these are rooted in SEO, or search engine optimization.

This eBook will take you through 30 days of quick and easy tasks to give your blog a jump start. Learn these tactics over a month's time, spending just a few minutes a day, or you can take a longer stretch to complete several days at once. It's your choice according to what your schedule and time allows.

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Mom Blog SEO includes:

  • How to find the best keyword phrases to drive the right readers for your blog
  • Tactics that take a couple minutes before each post and can dramatically increase your traffic
  • How to target the right readers and stop attracting the wrong ones
  • How to boost your Google Pagerank, the index that determines just how worthy Google considers your site when churning out search results
  • How to get your time-sensitive posts into results even when your PageRank is low or your site is new (or just moved)
  • Social search optimization, including showing up in searches on popular social networks and where results appear in Google
  • How to drive traffic and boost PageRank through social media and social networking
  • Methods for tracking results
  • A checklist to recognize signs your site is not performing well for search engines, with tips for fast fixes
  • SEO tactics specific to various moms who blog, from personal diarists and parenting blogs to niches like business and social media
  • High-speed methods to optimize your existing content to get the quickest impact for your SEO efforts
  • Tools to take advantage of your traffic boost to generate more blog income
  • Tips and success stories from real life moms who are SEO mavens

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